DIARY OF PLAY: Phoenix Wright, Ace Attorney: Trials and Tribulations

These words represent my thoughts as I play the game in question. Just a warning. Stuff in bold I added later.

Heh. Hemorrhoids.

For the most part, it makes sense, but at times my thoughts seem to get ahead of the game. This game requires me to think in the moment, as opposed to having a long term strategy...at least for now.

I don't like how you move from scene to scene. It just seems real easy to get lost with how they have it set up.

I don't like how the save system forces you out of the game. <- discourage abuse! But doesn't stop it...what was their intent behind this decision? Did they do it to encourage you to know WTF you're doing?

Did Mia really need to wear that low-cut a dress Capcom? I mean really, come on.

When I finally nailed Dahlia, I felt real proud of myself.

Nice characterization. I actually am interested in asking these people questions. I never seem to lost for to long.

those profiles are useful, but annoying. I hear the next game will get rid of them. That should streamline the whole thing...

That must be the cleanest damn toilet in the world.

Psyche-Locks are fun. Like a condensed trial.

Heh. Butz.

I like the Examination system. but in cluttered areas it get mildly confusing.

In court, and lost. I have no idea why this picture is peculiar. I made a guess...wait! THANKS ONLINE GUIDES!!! Man, you really gotta watch the details!

Poor Gumshoe. Can't catch a break.

If Godot keeps on drinking coffee like that, he's gonna need a 20 minute break.

I love the characters they got in this game.

They need more inventive names with the testimony.

Did they design it where after all that hard stuff, everything falls together? If so, a stroke of genius. If not, well, accidental genius still counts

I love pwning Godot.

Confetti? I court?

Outta the frying pan and into the fire....

I like how you can tell if you're on the right track by the green text that shows up.

Man, I love them Psych-Locks.

Lost again...how do I break this PL?

A BREAKTHROUGH!! Thanks to that article!

Broke those damn PL's w/ a detail I overlooked. Victory is very nice.

Just made a breakthrough in trial. Such satisfaction!

The autopsy says 1:00 am as time of death! WTF?

Godot coughed up his beloved coffee. PWNED!

The photo is wrong... how do I present it?

I now the flaw is that the box in the photo doesn't have paint on it...how do I say that?

I seem to get ahead of the game...oooohhhh...I was supposed to think the diamond mentioned in the letter was the Tear...<-That was never mentioned

I pressed the right statement, but since all the animations are the same for the first couple of seconds, I reset the game, figuring I lost.

Such a heartwarming ending.

where do I go? find the green stone thing? I always miss the profiles...ditching them seems better and better...

Old guy is perv. Nice use of dialog (by Gumshoe) to lead me in right direction.

How am I supposed to know to present Maggey w/ Victor's Testimony!?!?

Viola's sprite emotes are starting to wear thin...and then she cries. Nice timing...?

They shouldn't lead the right answers with 'Your Honor'. I makes me think I made a mistake! I nearly reset, when I had the right answer!

God, victory is soooooo awesome in this game!

The judge speaks Spanish? Random.

Glen's Calendar says: Meet w/ Tiger! It contradicts Tiger's testimony! <-games cannot (yet?) determine why I present evidence/ take the actions that I do.

Hot testimony?

Why ask me if I want it amended?

forgot about him posing as me

Gumshoe to the rescue!

Gotcha bitch!!

Has Maggey been wearing the same dress this whole time?

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