I don't know if I've mentioned this yet....


But man, I am a huge fan of Kenta Cho. Seriously, check this guys shit out! It be quite off the heezy. I love the simple, effective visuals. I love the inspired gameplay. And hey, the music ain't all that bad either.

Game Idea: D3v

You know what I hate? The backwards button in Sonic. Who the hell goes backwards in Sonic? That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard, and I've heard a Dragonforce song once (GH3, you have failed me).

So anyway, this game is basically my take on Sonic, but with no backwards button. You hit the 'main' (Think A on an NES, or 'Z' on a computer) button to slowly build up momentum. As you do, you can hit the arrow keys (d-pad) to slash your sword. Kill enemies at the right time, and you'll go faster. I think this would add a nice dynamic, because the enemy kills are like a boost; they are only temporary. And you'll need the speed you get from them too! Because man, there are gonna be some serious jumps! We're talking some Grand Canyon 'shizzle' 'up in here' (that's how the kids are saying it these days right?)

Oh yeah, to jump, you release the 'run' button.

Also, some enemies cannot jump the chasms with you, and some can. Some you can outrun, and some you can't.

Oh yeah, also, story. But I'm more worried about the design right now.

EDIT: I'm thinking of treating D3v as more a series of motif's from which I can critique things I don't like in games...yeah...

Prototype coming soon.


So I got around to playing rRootage...

I think I'm addicted.

I like how the different powers make the battles flow differently.

Giga Wing = Pac-man?

I need to get Ikaruga.


The 'Normal Mode' flow is just that; normal. You dodge, in a rather plodding manner. The pace isn't sow really; it's just careful, and steady. At least on the lower levels (How does difficulty affect the flow?)

'Psy Mode' has the special ability to become invincible after you've shot enough enemies, and scraped enough bullets. The invincibilty is short. Giving the player invincibility for shooting the main enemy makes it really hard to precisely time the power. Maybe on the harder levels things change.
Also, this mode lets you be a real jack-ass with bullet patterns.

'Ika Mode' reminds me of Pac-man, at least the pellet collecting part. This mode (based off of Ikaruga, which is now on XLM!) lets you pick between two colors; red and white. When you're white, you reflect white bullets back at the boss, and black bullets kill you. When you're black, vice-versa.
I just love how it takes the familiar mechanic of picking up 'tokens' and shifts it into a life-or-death proposition.
My only complaint is that it's hard to see white bullets that the enemy fires; he's yellow you see, and a rather bright shade at that. This dictates that you must stay a certain distance from the enemy, which in turn eliminates a whole host of stratagems (Thesaurus, FTW!).

And lastly, we have 'GW Mode'. This mode brings to mind the real Pac-man. The hunter-becomes-the-hunted part. This mode's mechanic allows you to reflect your enemies bullets back at them, but only after you're power meter is charged. When you use it (after a delay) you generate a shield, which shrinks and shrinks and then...GETS HUGE!
I like the flow, and the idea behind GW mode (named after Giga Wing, a wonderful arcade shmup, MAME FTW!). It forces back and all around with wave after wave of bullets. But when your meter's charged, you have to get right into the thick of things, and rush the boss, so as to get the most bullets reflected.


So I got around to playing the Audio Surf beta...

I am so willing to pay for this game.

But is it really a game?

Well yeah, of course it is, but it really seems to push how we think of games. It manages to makes procedural generation into a cohesive experience. Cool.


So I Got Around to Playing N...

On the surface, N seems like something I would love. Ninjas? Check. Robots? Check. Gold? Check. Wall jumps? Check. Fiendish puzzles, brutal death animations, and absurd jumps? Check, check, and mate.

So why do I hate playing this game? It's the controls. They just feel so horribly wrong. Every second I play N, I feel like I'm in pain. I have to strain myself to correctly time my jumps. And performing wall jumps? I cry. It's such a real shame. I tried to like this game, I really did. The controls just feel so off.


"Fears" or "Why I Don't think I'm Cut Out for Game Design" or "Why Am I Such a Worthless Coward?" or "Why Can't I Decide on a Goddamn Post Title, FUC"

Heh...Blogger cut off my title.

Most of the time, I am reasonably confident that I chose the right path in life, the path of "Making Games Into Art, Or, Failing That, At Least Legitimized By Mainstream Culture"(tm). But every now and then, I have fears, I have doubts, I have WHO AM I KIDDING!!?!?

Every now and then? Every other second I piss my pants in terror. Every corner I turn, I find something that terrifies me about gaming, about the future of our medium. I mean, come on. Why do We have to prove ourselves to Them? We game to escape Them! Gaming IS OURS. IT'S MINE. WHY DO I HAVE TO LOSE THAT!!?!?

And at the same time, I see that we need to evolve. I don't want to play Halo for the rest of my life. I want to explore, I want gaming to evolve, but I want it to still be mine!

Why are we even looking for acceptance from Them anyway? We are Their demise! We grew up on the Internet, We are weaned on the teat of the Information Age. We are the Death of 'Mass Media'. We are the Long Tail! That's what the Internet promised!

Man, I am one whiny bitch. I mean, seriously, how did this turn into some kind of immature diatribe against 'Them'? Who is 'Them'? Who are 'We'?

So 'We' (whoever that is) game to escape 'Them'...THAT'S THE PROBLEM. 'We' define ourselves through 'Them' and thusly, 'They' still dominate us. I see...

So that is the Nature of Rebellion...hm?

Oops. I went on a tangent didn't I? Sorry, I guess. It's just that Bioshock won't work for me. I was going to talk about how Bioshock is such an awesome game, and how on an artistic level, I don't see how to beat it, but the game crashes every other second. Stupid 360.