Game Idea: D3v

You know what I hate? The backwards button in Sonic. Who the hell goes backwards in Sonic? That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard, and I've heard a Dragonforce song once (GH3, you have failed me).

So anyway, this game is basically my take on Sonic, but with no backwards button. You hit the 'main' (Think A on an NES, or 'Z' on a computer) button to slowly build up momentum. As you do, you can hit the arrow keys (d-pad) to slash your sword. Kill enemies at the right time, and you'll go faster. I think this would add a nice dynamic, because the enemy kills are like a boost; they are only temporary. And you'll need the speed you get from them too! Because man, there are gonna be some serious jumps! We're talking some Grand Canyon 'shizzle' 'up in here' (that's how the kids are saying it these days right?)

Oh yeah, to jump, you release the 'run' button.

Also, some enemies cannot jump the chasms with you, and some can. Some you can outrun, and some you can't.

Oh yeah, also, story. But I'm more worried about the design right now.

EDIT: I'm thinking of treating D3v as more a series of motif's from which I can critique things I don't like in games...yeah...

Prototype coming soon.

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