So I got around to playing Guitar Hero 3...

I loved GH and GH2. The summer I got GH consisted of me, the living room, non-stop rocking, and horrible body odor (GH = workout!). When GH2 came out, it was sweet; they fixed everything that I didn't like about GH. 2 was 1 perfected.

So when I heard about 3, I was rather skeptical. What more was left to improve on? There was nothing wrong with GH2. Nothing. It was the GH system fully realized. And Neversoft? The only thing those guys have to their credit is Tony Hawk, which stopped being interesting at around...0h let's say 4. It's all the same with those games really.

So yeah, GH3. It's butt-fucking ugly. Seriously. It's hideous. The characters, the stages, the INTERFACE. Ugly. Where's the charm of the Harmonix games? Nowhere, that's where.

But Guitar Hero isn't about the looks; it's about the gameplay! So how is it? Here's how good it is; go play GH2. Seriously. Go play it. Now image overlaying GH2 with a steaming pile of stupid shit.

That's GH3. 2, but with stupid shit on top.

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