October '08 Round Table: All in the family

That time of month again! IT'S ROUND TABLE TIME!!!


So yeah, family. And video games. A winrar combination?

For me, not so much. Well, ya know, sometimes it works out, like all those times me and my brother watched each other play videogames**, and commented upon what we saw***. And there are also the times I was over at my cousin's house, and played RTS' with him****. Oh yeah, and that's also where I played alot of Sonic, which has had a huge impact on the games I plan on making.

But other than that...not really. I mean, just because I was always so much better at them than...well...everyone else. Sure my brother could put up a real challenge in some games, but for the most part, I dominated.

Like there was this one time, back when my N64 worked******, and I played that Diddy Kong kart racer game alot. Like a whole lot. Like every second I wasn't playing Banjo-Kazooie. Which in the grand scheme of things isn't alot, but still. Some. So anyway, my Mom notices that I've really taken a liking to this game, and decides that we need to spend more quality time together. So she starts playing it to.

And man, does she suck. I mean, for me, the computer players were a non-issue. I spent most of my time outracing my own records, and just ignoring their sorry asses. I never got below 1st place. But my mom could barely eke out 5th! It was just so jarring for me to realize that my mom, this super-smart, super-wonderful person was just plain shit at this game.

I like to think it traumatized me sometimes. Then I read about people who were actually fucking traumatized. Then, notsomuch.

So that's one thing.

But hey, the Wii! And Wii Sports! I totally forgot! Mostly because I haven't played it in like months*******, but hey, those times were/still are/will be fun! Cause they're games that my parents don't completely suck at!

But wait...I don't like sports games. I mean sure, I'll play them, but I'd really rather play CoD^4, or Ikaruga or...anything. I mean, Wii Sports has it's appeal, but the only mode I really honestly like, boxing, is just to vague in it's movements, so imprecise...********

...And then there's the fact that I'm the only one who really likes that mode, and everyone else like bowling and golf, which is fun once or twice, but not really something I'm up to a whole lot...

so yeah, games + family isn't exactly a winrarring combination for me. Shit, my dad still thinks that they're wastes of time that are causing me to fail my college classes...EVEN WHEN I HAVEN'T PLAYED A GAME IN WEEKS...

Yeah, most of my memories on the intersection of games and family are of my dad yelling at me, and that shit actually DID traumatize me...so yeah...*********


I think I'm just gonna end this post right here cause I really don't want to take a trip down memory lane right now...kinda tired, and I got homework to do...so yeah...

Hope you have a nice day!

*NOTE TO SELF: Link to youtube of people applauding before posting this
NOTE TO NOTE TO SELF: Sounds like alot of work.
NOTE TO NOTE TO NOTE TO NOTE TO SELF: It could have been done by now if you had actually done it, and not just sat here typing about doing it.
**Mostly him watching me, ROCK AT THEM.
***"You suck, give me the controller!" || "Don't waste you arrows!" || "NOBODY LIKES A BACKSEAT GAMER!"
*****He's like in fifth grade or something, and he kicks total ass at Dawn of War. Awesome
******No Sissy, I never will forgive you.
*******What's really out for the Wii right now? Seriously, could anyone post a must-own Wii game?
********Post forthcoming.
*********Not to say my dad was abusive or anything, I mean he's a great guy, just didn't know/understand how scary he was when he was mad at us.

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