TWEWY: The Second Post

Or is it the third? I forget.

Anyway, I'm back on the wagon. Farming dark matter, leveling my relationships with the shopkeepers, etc.

Part of it is I want to 100% this game. but why? I'm not sure. The sense of realization that I can smash all those used-to-be-hard bosses was nice, but it's gone now. There's just the motions.

I guess there's still discovering all the different pin combinations...but I've already hit the endgame Pegaso build, and that just fucking steamrolls everything. Kinda want all the special Gatito pins, and yeah, I'm leveling them...but still. Can't help but get the feeling I'm just enjoying numbers going up...maybe I just want to say I've 100%ed some game. I mean, I'm a gamer, ain't I?

Maybe I just want an excuse to talk about it. TWEWY does a lot of cool shit. It's the only DS game I've played that's ONLY possible on the DS. You couldn't do it on a console! Or on any other handheld! Doesn't that deserve something?

Maybe I should read a book instead. I mean, I only play it because I'm on the light rail for 2 hours a day...but what?

Classics? I know where to get those, but only on the internet...which I don't have access to on the light rail. Could stand to finish that game engine book I got christmas, and even re-read it. I should drop by the ASU library, see what I could pick up there regarding game engine crap. Oh hey, even those classics and whatnot.


On the whole I guess I learned the appeal of numbers going up.

Damn I'm tired.

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