The best and worst part about reading my own archives

1) Holy shit, how could I forget about Kenta Cho?

2) Fuck, his games are windows only.


  1. what? no they aren't. you can find a bunch of his stuff on wonderfl, and if you're running linux and happen to do a search for his name in your package manager, you'll find quite a few of his games -- more than he lists on his website under linux games, even! if you're on mac, i got no clue.

  2. I guess I shoulda said the ones I have on my laptop's salvaged hard drive.

    I didn't know he did anything on *nix! Fuck, I am behind the times.

  3. i play a lot of gunroar, myself

  4. rRootage was my go-to game. Just...all the options. So many tributes.