Working on a big MvC3 piece

regarding phoenix.

stay tuned.

stay salty.


I am digging the El Fuerte changes in AE.

I'm actually enjoying AE more than I thought I would. Yo cr.MK and cr.LP!


Mac version of that game


dog follows you, get him out of the way of the spiral

Random thoughts.

The hardest part about Rex's death is the mornings. He used to come in and hop up on my bed, and follow me around the house. And now he doesn't. I kinda want to get a new dog that's just as affectionate, but I might be moving out of the house soon, so maybe not.

inFamous is a pretty solid little game. It falls into that category of a Good Game, but not $60 good. The good/evil dichotomy works in it, because it straight up admits that the whole ordeal is a comic book good v comic book evil. Compare this to games like Mass Effect, which really 'try' to make the moral choices seem real.

That said, the city needs more connectivity between buildings. Some areas are super great to get around, and then you hit a cable/ building dry spot. And that sucks.


Reflections on sympathy in games.

One thing that has always fascinated me in videogames is how developers can make players feel sympathy for in-game characters. Most of the time, they build this bond by giving the character significant in-game utility as a partner; think the dog in Fable. But this is insufficient, as it only really gives the player a mercenary use for the character. The connection is meaningful in the system, but not beyond. To which developers respond by giving the character character. And we all know how that goes...(usually)


Just had to put my dog down

I loved you lots Rex.

Is it sick that I'm already trying to think of ways to build this sadness into a game?


Thinking about patching...

So I've been getting into competitive fighting games recently, and the two that I'm going in on atm are Marvel 3 and MK9. There are metric fucktons of interesting contrasts one can draw regarding these two games, but one I would like to talk about right now is how the two developers approach patching these games.

Patching is really a new concept to fighting games. 'Traditionally' the released game in the arcades was what you got. Even console ports were evaluated based on how closely they hued to the arcade version. The only patches weren't seen as patches, but rather as completely new games (SEE: the million incarnations of the SF2 series). But as the arcade died out, and the internet rose up, we now have the capability of keeping the game the 'same' whilst still patching it. Which raises the question...what is the 'real' game? We're keeping things the 'same', yet changing it.

So that's one issue. Another is when and why you patch. MK9 has been heavy on the patches with at least 3 as of this writing. And these patches aren't solely limited to glitches*, but major stuff like safe vs. unsafe strings, damage reductions, and juggle properties.

Contrast this with Marvel 3, which has had patches only to remove infinites**, and one or two game-breaking glitches, though only the Zero Snapback Glitch comes to mind.

And all this in turn ties in to the company business models. It is widely agreed that Capcom is going to release not only DLC characters, but a complete 'Super' version of Marvel 3. One would assume that all major 'balance' changes would be regulated to this version. Netherealm Studios appears to only be planning for DLC costumes and characters, not a whole new version of the game.

And we still haven't talked about the why's of patching! More on that later methinks.

*Which in fighting games is another can of worms. Remember that cancels, the basis of all combo's, were originally a glitch.
**Which were a major basis of high level Marvel 2 play


Tried to get on PSN again.

There's some kind of problem with my account, where I can't access the store...so no Anime Moe Fighting Game for me. :(

But I was able to download inFamous as a free game, so I just have no idea what's going on.

As for inFamous...I'll give it a better go when I'm less tired, but it really seemed like a Crackdown w/ better combat and waaaaay worse movement.


Gonna be updating this more.

At least one post (even if it's only something like this) a day.

Gonna go in on MvC3.

Gonna work on programming some underwater autonomous robots.

Gonna write a review of Bangia-O HD. Such a great fucking game.

Possible review of Neo-Witches?