Ya know I never really thought much of 'scripting' languages...

until I came across Applescript. yeah, I got that they gave large amounts of power to the user (shoutouts to bash!) and yeah, lightweight, and yeah instant execution and all that. I just didn't think much until I had one in my hand that could actually do AWESOME SHIT. Like, now I have this application called Quicksilver, and I'm using it not only to open and close apps proper, but to run my applescripts, which open up random chrome tabs, reposition my windows how I like, open unread shit from my feeds, fuck even make new notes in evernote automatically! Godlike!

Shame so little Mac shit supports applescript :( I can really see how this crap could be used not only by programmers, but even people who don't know how to program, but want to do shit FASTER on their computers, or even learn a little bit about how they work

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