On a lighter note...


Trump has no chance of winning either the nomination or the Presidency. The GOP establishment hates him, and he doesn't have the cross country appeal that a 3rd party candidate would need to win independently. His best case scenario is that he kills whoever the GOP nominee winds up being, assuming he's serious (egotistical?) enough to go 3rd party.

Honestly, I don't see any of the Republican's making it past the convention, but at least ONE has to. That's going to be a sickening, terrifying, racist ride folks!

The real interesting contest is on the left. I really think Bernie has the nomination in the bag. Hillary is to 'establishment' to win with the lefty primary voter, and I don't see the rank-and-file taking a step rightward after the enormous success we* had getting Obama into the White House.

My predictions

The Republicans will still be fighting at the convention.  There is no way any Republican can win the White House without ~40% minority vote, and there's no way any Asian, Hispanic, Native, Indian, or Black American votes R for President. The nominee will be whichever racist, anti-Christian ass does the best backroom blowjobs. Any one of them could make it that far, but since none of them really is building the coalition that R's need (Awful idiots that hear the dog whistles + innocent idiots who don't), there's no Presidential timber there.

Bernie will win to many delegates for the Democrats to backroom backstab him at the convention. Hillary's gonna see her machine crap out 'at the last minute' just like last time. IS AMERICA READY FOR A JEW IN THE WHITE HOUSE? Yes, we are.

So it'll be Bernie vs. ???, and that's a contest Bernie can't lose.

HERE'S HOPING FOR MARTIN'S DREAM UNIVERSAL FUCKING INCOME LADIES AND GENTLEMEN!!! *chugs more rum*. This is going to be a very unfun ride!

*I honestly hollered with joy when Obama was the nominee. AND THEN HE WON YES WE CAN!!!

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