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Bernie's campaign has failed to make inroads among minorities, and that's a death sentence for a Democrat. He's back to a 'protest' vote, and I hope he leverages his position well - Cabinet position, unlikely, but platform planks and real legislation is possible.

Trump will go into the convention with the most delegates, but the Republicans will kill his nomination anyway. Marco and Ted are both talking contested convention, so the only real question is who the smoke-filled room will pick.

There is no way the Republicans can mount a serious Presidential race this year. If they backstab Trump(as I expect), the 30~40% of the base that worships at his feet will revolt. If they run him, the rest of the country ignores the Republican party for the foreseeable future. People don't have short memories for things like THE KKK ENDORSED PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE. That's going to stay in the public conscience for a while methinks. And that's so say nothing of the potential revolts among mid-rank Republicans...

The big problem the Democrats have right now is the PLUMMET in attendance. Poor numbers in the caucus bode ill for the general. Even if she wins, if she can't bring Democrats into office downticket a-la Obama 2008, we're going to see a complete retread of the first Clinton presidency - TPP as the new NAFTA, BLM as the new Sista Soulja, and even a potential gutting of Obamacare, all to 'get something done' with vapid, insane racists. Give Hillary a chance, and she'll throw her newfound love of the left to the wind, and govern as Republican as her husband. She's a political cypher, and would feel no compunction throwing the entire Obama coalition under the bus in the name of 'getting-something-done'. And oh GOD I am terrified of her foreign policy...HENRY FUCKING KISSINGER ARE YOU INSANE WOMAN???

The low turnout on the Democratic side is what's keeping me up at night. A woman in the White House is swell, but is she can't bring in a Democratic Congress, we're no further along than we are now.

And without a Democratic majority in Congress, you can kiss any hope of real immigration reform goodbye. There is no middle ground between 'deport them all' and 'let's be humane'. If you're one of the idiots thinking Trump can 'cut a deal', you're just as imbecilic as you are racist. He's already said a wall is a must have, and there's no way you can start from 'deport them all, wall, wall, wall' and arrive at something even the Blue Dogs would be proud of. Say what you will about the Democratic establishment, they have at least SOME semblance of a soul.

I am not hopeful about our political future. Clinton hasn't shown she can drive the base, and that's the biggest threat to real progress in the country. Maybe if she pulls Bernie closer to her at the convention (VP pick?) we could see a real united and energized party, but I honestly don't see Hillary doing that. The Presidential side of things is SUPER strong for Democrats, but a failure to seize the Congress means pain...and no, that is NOT reason to vote for Trump despite what SO MANY FUCKING IDIOTS THINK.

I'd like to close on a note to everyone who voted Obama now, and are seriously considering voting Trump -


I need a drink...

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